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Spooky Wedding Pictures

Well, the easy and quick part is over. On to the wedding picture. There are a ton more of these...though I'm only going to show 40 or so I think. I had a lot of pictures of scenary and skyline that were more or less all the same.

Spooky-Frig-Josh-Candie-Chau. Welp, this was the first picture I took as we got on the boat. As you can see, everyone is dressed to kill, though Josh and Frig came off more as thugs and drugdealers with their look than respectable wedding guests IMO.

Ah, the man of the hour. Here's spooks enjoying his last few minutes of freedom before his re-enslavement to the bonds of matrimony. He was already married really so I guess that he knew that it was useless to ditch and run, muahaha.

Frig-Candie-Trip-Henwy. As you can see the wind is running amok with my hair. You'll also notice I'm missing a tie. I managed to 'lose' it before going ont he boat and didn't find it until hours later under my carseat.

The bridesmaids. Don't ask. I dunno who any of them are. Never so much as got their names nor spoke to any of them. We more or less kept to ourselves during the wedding and reception afterwards.

Spooky with, well, I guess you can call it the Spookykid. Haha. I crack myself up.

Here comes the bride, all dressed in get the idea. If I remember correctly the guy giving her away, who was also the best man, is her ex-husband. I guess it's nice it was amicable and stuff but I'm of the opinion that when relationships end there should only be a deep and abiding homicidal hatred remaining. But, to each their own.

And then the minister said "Let us pray". I think Trip is sleeping here.

Frig-Candie-Trip. All listening attentively again to the ceremony. Everyone struggling to memorize the super-passwords for later.

"You may kiss the bride". Awwwwwww.

The receiving line.

Here you can see the spooky parents, spooky, mrs spooky, and mrs spooky's mom.

Wooo. Post wedding relaxation. Frig's wondering where's the grub.

Chau. She came with me to the wedding. She's a tech at the lab. I tried to cajole her to shout down from the boat to the people walking past on the dock. 'hey solja boy! Sucky sucky! 2 dolla. Me luv you long time.' She refused.

I know I say this each and every time but candie is always so photogenic. Everytime you point a camera anywhere near her she's always beaming.

Candie-trip. Pig nose! Pig nose!

Chau again.

Candie again.

The bride and groom arrive.

Heh......heh. I just absolutely love this picture.

This was the picture thingie all the guests were asked to sign so that there would be a momento. Candie started it off with 'best wishes', trip followed with 'better wishes', and I managed to squeeze in 'bestest wishes' under him. Poor frig was left out because there was no more room in that corner.

Here I am pondering something esoteric.

Look! My Napolean impression.

The bride and groom up on deck. It was a really nice day out though windy as heck. We sailed around and had a really nice view of the skyline.

There's the navy pier ferris wheel. Spiffykeen.

Sears tower and surrounding buildings.

Woot! The cutting of the cake. We all know that singles dessert.

Frig-Chau. We all know frig can't wait. He kept telling us how these past few days were the only balanced meals he's had in ages. I'm still cheesed he tossed out that 10 pound can of pork and beans I found and scavenged for him.

The first dance.

Flower power, man.


The chocolate covered strawberry I ate...and then heartily regretted. It just about put me into hyperglycemic shock. I stuck with the watermellon and honeydew slices after that though everyone else seemed to like the cakes and sweets.

Another of the bridal couple on deck.

Wooo, the lighthouse. Spiffy, no?

Frig-Candie-Spooky-henwy-Trip. The obligatory sissyshot.

Candie's hookerheels.

Frig doing the gun and shoot.

Trip going rambo now that the voyage is almost over.

One last shot of the four of us.

Awwwww, isn't that adorable.

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