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Sissy Dave and Busters Pictures

So after the wedding on sunday the other sissies and I decided that the fun and games shouldn't be over yet. We all ran home to change (cept frig who hitched a ride to trip and candie's place and then apparently was attacked by a little leg humping dog) and then met up at Dave and Busters. Madkitty joined us there and we had some fun shooting trip in the crotch....though I spent most of my time shooting Candie in the back. I snapped a few photos of the event and I also decided to trade in 2800 tickets that I had been saving for around a year now. What I got was superspiffy but you'll see soon enough.

Here we all were pouring over the specs for our battlemechs. It was spiffykeen except for the fact that the guy running the game decided to play too, which meant he spent most of his time whomping on our asses, turbotwisting like a muthafucka. I am however happy to be able to report....I WON! HA! IN YOUR FACE! I don't remember how the others ranked but what's really important is I won, right?

The first stuffed animal thingie I won of the night. They have a new giant crane game that has you try to grab stuffed animals from a pit around 10' by 10'. It took a while but I finally landed the puppy. I ended up giving it to candie. I'm sure her little dog was pumping away at it within minutes of them getting home.

Everything I won sitting around the table. Apparently the puppy's a lush. The dragon is what I traded in the 2800 tickets for. I was going to get the blue/orange colored one but everyone told me this was better. It was also the last one which required the employee to scale the prize wall, a dangerous proposition since the counter she was maneuvering on was stacked with more prizes and glassware. But no harm, no foul.

The puppy sitting on the dragon's lab.

The puppy sitting on the dragon's head. Aren't they cuuuuutttte?

Candie taking the oppertunity to borrow the dragon's claw to dig out a deeply hidden booger.

Dragon looking goofy.

Candy trying to grab non-existant dragonboobies.

Candie wondering why the duck looks so derranged.

Madkitty in one of the few photos I have where she dosen't look crazed and/or drunk. I had to snap a few before getting one of those.

Me with all my of huggable new friends.

The duck and dragon move in to their new home on the table in front of the air conditioner. They will now dwell there in domestic bliss collecting dust for the next year or two most likely.

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