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Phantom of the Opera

Well, I've been trying to get tickets for phantom for a while now without having to go through the indignity of actually paying full price for the tickets. Mostly I spent my time ebaying for them and it never failed to amaze me the sheer number of morons who would bid the tickets up way beyond list price, leaving the poor discount shopper, like myself, out of luck. I had more or less given up the idea and dismissed it as pot when a new action started yesterday for a pair of orchastra tickets to tonight's show. The price began at list with a buy it now option and slowly dropped over time. When I first saw it he was asking 158 for the pair, then 148, and by this morning it was 140. I looked in on it one last time while at the lab after lunch and it had dropped too 100 and for some reason no one had picked it up. At that point I started cajoling lab members, trying to find someone else who would want to go. Upon finding someone I bought the tickets and then spent around 3 hours driving up to the far northwest suburbs to pick them up from the seller.

The production was spiffy though phantom has never been my favorite musical. There are too few songs that you can sing and there's nothing I like better than a good musical sing-a-long. I brought my binoculars with me to the show though we really had pretty good seats and mostly I was using it just to check out detail. The sheer amount of effort that had to go into the stage set and costuming astounds me. It must've cost a fortune in time and effort. That and the ballet dancers in their little white outfits...woooooooo! Every woman should have one of those in her closet somewhere.

The only problem with the musical was that I was exhausted and had to fight the urge to doze off in the beginning, with partial success and I wasn't too pleased with the ending. I found it to be patronizing and obnoxious in the extreme. God give her the strength to show him he's not alone indeed...the phantom should have beaten her brains out and then taken her lifeless corpse as a club and used it to beat her pain in the ass fiance to death. I think the phantom was quite restrained in only killing a couple people. I think in that same situation I would have been more free with my victim selection and mayhem.

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