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But there are dreams that cannot be...

and there are storms we cannot weather

In the darkness the trees are full of starlight
23 March 1976
I didn't exactly feel up to writing a biography, mini or otherwise so I dragooned someone into jotting something down. Take it with a grain of salt, I'm pretty sure she must've been high as a kite when writing this:

Henry pretends to be a shallow, sarcastic, bitterly caustic individual. He likes to convince everyone that he is disdainful of democrats, the french, tree-hugging vegetarians, and trollops like me. He basically likes to annoy people to no end with feigned disinterest. Yet I've discovered that Henry is a deep, caring, sensitive individual with a great singing voice, whether he be singing "Les Miserables" or a Disney ballad. He has an innumerable number of weird pictures on his hard drive, and he blazingly refuses to admit being a total perve in Yahoo chat. Anyway, he's nice... for real. Even though he'll try to convince you that he isn't.

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You have been warned.

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