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Jewmas '08

Welp, I finally got all the videos and pictures uploaded and ready. Our story begins Christmas day as I raced along trying to get to the theater on time and help Bill out on my way there.

I actually liked the movie quite a bit, though the plot was more than a bit confused. It seemed like I wasn't watching a movie as much as every other episode of a 20 episode animated series. There were characters and events that they seem to have added for next to no reason. If you get a chance to see the movie and can figure out what was up with that vegetable man, you're more astute than I am. It just seemed like whoever wrote the screenplay was either too much of a fan of the books or he really wanted to cater to the fans of the book. Everything was thrown in whether it really fit with the main plot or not. I also didn't like some of the moral relativity in the movie either. The idea that someone owe you an apology or anything at all simply because you feel gyped by life is sort of ridiculous. I know that doesn't make much sense, but I don't want to spoil the film for anyone by giving real details. Lets just say that I think the princess was fully justified in feeling as she did and didn't owe anything to either the rat or the pig-girl.

Moving on, the animation was really wonderful. I love fantasy to begin with and the animators really managed to bring the story to life. I've actually decided that I have to pick up these books and give them a read, children's books or not. I just love the whole idea of quests and adventure and the whole fantasy package. I will admit the 'longing' thing was a bit disturbing. At one point when Desperaux goes to pick up the pendant I commented to Bill that I'll bet he coped a feel.

As we were leaving the theater, I saw one of those big standup movie advertisements and insisted that we get a picture taken in front of it. My only regret is that the person I asked to take it couldn't work a digital camera well and it came out unfocused. By shrinking it down, it's not as noticeable though.

Pretty spiffy, eh?

After the movie we headed out for lunch at wonder seafood. Lori's husband Ron met us there. Unbeknownst to me, Bill turns out to not be a fan of seafood and Ron's an out and out vegetarian. That made things a bit problematic but they seemed to enjoy it overall.

Alright. I have to finish this up later. Something is really pissing me the fuck off right now and I have to go and try to deal with it.

Back. I was getting really infuriated with the fact that the video quality was still so horrible with the Flip Mino. I couldn't figure out why and I just had to go do some research online. It took quite a while but I finally figured out what was up. It turns out that it's youtube's fault in the end. When videos are uploaded to their site, they compress the hell out of it. The reason that my videos always looked like crap and other people using a Mino HD had beautiful videos was because there's a workaround/hack where you can get youtube to play the video in HD. You have to add a bit of extra code to the embedding and poof, it looks so much better. Right? Better.

Anyways, back to the recap.

After we finished our Jewmas day meal, we went over to Lori's house. We decided to play a game of Agricola, which I ended up winning to my complete surprise. I think it just shows that I haven't even come close to mastering that game yet.

As we were playing, Karen and Bernie also decided to show up and play. Ron broke out the Chinese Checkers set and attempted to play with Karen. Unfortunately, neither of them remembered the rules. Luckily, I was there to provide guidance. It's only right after all since it was chinese checkers.

You can see the game in progress here.

Karen won by 3 moves, which might be the first time I've ever seen her win anything. She's not nearly as competitive as Bernie as far as gaming goes and she's generally pretty half-hearted about it.

After that, Lori broke out the dreidels and we played some sort of weird Jewish gambling game. Each of the symbols on the dreidel corresponds like a roll of the dice to a result. We used poker chips and everyone would ante a chip before each spin. The results were pot, half the pot, nothing, and add another chip. I managed to get a defective dreidel that was clearly weighted. I'm not kidding either. This thing came up with the same losing result at least 60-70% of the time. When others tried my driedel, the same losing streak occurred. Needless to say, I lost in a hurry. By the end, Lori claimed victory but that was only to be expected. I mean, she is Jewish and all. I would figure that constitutes an unfair advantage.

When the game ended, Lori broke out the Menorah. I managed to get it on video so I'll let it speak for itself. That Channukah song is whacky.