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Picture of the Day

This picture of a figure of Obama wearing a pink schoolgirl uniform (complete with panda purse?) and selling pork buns and chicken balls in Tokyo might be the coolest thing I've seen in days. I can't even tell if it's supposed to be satire, humor, or an homage, though I blame that on the fact that the Japanese are a little insane. What I do know is I would love to have this sitting in front of my house at Halloween and have it dispense candy. Hell, I think it might be worthwhile for the GoP to spend a little money and install it in the Senate lounge for shits and giggles.

I've also thought for a long time about how just unappealing the phrase 'chicken balls' is. It doesn't matter how good it ends up tasting, there's always at least a moment's hesitation when someone offers you chicken balls. Or any other balls made of meat and named with the actual animal. It's just sort of unfortunate that the meat from chickens is chicken. If we had another word for it, it wouldn't be nearly as disturbing. Beef comes from cows and Beef Balls sounds better than Cow Balls. The same goes with Pork Balls vs Pig Balls. In lieu of finding a different word for meaty chunks derived from the chicken, I think we should rename chicken balls as chicken chunks. Sure, it's not a home run and doesn't exactly get me salivating either, but it's still a step up from balls.
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Picture of the Day

I thought about starting this up again more than a few times but I realized pretty early on that I'd never be able to carry through with it. Still, I've run across a couple of real nutty pictures over the months and I should share at least some of them. This one falls into the category of 'HOLY WTF?!?!', so you should be warned. I'll put it behind a LJ cut just in case someone's delicate sensibilities can't handle it.

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