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6 Months....

It's been ages since I've updated my livejournal. I know I should but it's one of those things where if you get out of the habit of doing it daily, you just stop. I know I've said this before, but I'm going to try to see if I can work myself back into the custom of making entries. It's not like I don't have lots of backlog I could post about. Hell, I have pictures and gobbilygook stretching back over a year that I never got around to putting online. It's just hard convincing myself to do it sometimes because it's always a bother to resize, upload, and then caption all the various pictures.

Still....it does seem like sort of a waste to just let it all go. I mean, not like it'd be a waste to posterity or even that it'd be a waste to my throngs of readers. I'm pretty sure we're talking about 2-3 people tops, and it's not like anything overly profound ever passes my keyboard. Still, I have been doing this off and on for almost...holy crap, has it really been almost 9 years? That's a really disturbing thought. Anyway, that much time and history provides its own sort of impetus. So, with that in mind, I will try to start this up again. If I can convince myself, I'll try to do an entry a day or an entry every other day. We'll see how long it takes before I start to slack again.....

Who wants to make a bet?
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Keep on keepin' on

Nothing all that interesting lately. If I had a nickel for every time I told myself I was going to get around to doing something and then ended up not doing it, I'd have at least a few thousand dollars by now. Procrastination is like a disease that way. Never do today what you can put off until tomorrow. Tomorrow never comes.

I went to the gameday at The Bills on Saturday. They're hosting it after effectively getting tossed out by Panera, where they had been for years and years. It's not like Panera actually banned all the various meetups but there's a new corporate policy against allowing people to move tables and chairs around. That won't have any effect on people who meet there to socialize, in general, but it pretty much sticks a fork in boardgaming. Since boardgames can require anywhere from 2 to 8 players, there usually has to be a lot of shuffling about. Ever time I've been to a gameday at the Panera, people have always made sure to put the tables and chairs back where they belonged, but I wonder if all the groups were that vigilant about it. I could see how it could be a pain in the ass for employees to constantly have to deconstruct the tetris block of tables and chairs to get them back where they belong. We'll probably never know exactly what caused the policy change and it's an end of an era.

I hear the other boardgame meetup which used to meet there has already gone to their backup plan of invading the local mall's foodcourt. I can't wait to hear about the blowback when it comes. Mass of geeks beaten by mall security. News at 11.

Oh, and it's a week until Dreamation. I'm not exactly jumping up and down with excitement but it will be nice to see some of the people I only catch at these cons. I actually remembered to give uncle James a ring to invite him and Kaila since they've recently become interested in boardgames but it turns out the timing was a no-go. I've actually been funneling a lot of my games their way. It's nice that they're actually getting some use rather than moldering in my closet. After learning about the boardgame interest their son Raymond bought them a copy of Settlers for Christmas and it was a big hit apparently. I took the opportunity to haul all of my Settlers games (Cities and Knights, Seafarers, Starfarers) over to my grandmother's for Chinese New Years and passed them on. What's sad is that I'm not sure I've ever even played with any of them. The copy of Starfarers was still shrinkwrapped.
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The neverending story

I've been in a malaise lately, ever since getting back from Vegas. Barring a few events, I've mostly spent my time doing my giant sloth imitation and the days have sort of melded together into a gray oneness. I know I should try to make more of an effort, or hell, any effort in keeping up with the LJ but it's just hard to scrape up the motivation. I think part of the problem is the same thing that keeps me from playing video games anymore. I've always had a completionist bent, meaning that I would often spend ridiculous amounts of time grinding away until I finished every last optional quest or picked up the super doodad, which could only be obtained by going through hell. It would actually drive me crazy when I discovered I had missed something and I was known to load up old save files, blowing away hours of effort just to scoop up the missing thing-a-ma-bob.

As you can imagine, this got pretty tiring after a while. Not to mention tedious as all hell. It got so that I would buy games, even read the faqs in preparation, and then never actually get around to playing it or stopping just a hour or two in. Not playing at all seemed to be better than playing and screwing up somewhere. To some degree that's how LJ feels to me. Not that there's a right way or a wrong way to write an entry, but as the things I should be posting pile up it becomes easier to just do nothing at all. I've got ridiculous numbers of Vegas pictures and it would take a lot of time to upload, resize, upload to a hosting site, and then caption the lot of it. While a half-assed effort is better than no effort, tell that to my cerebral cortex.

Lets see....here's a list of the things I've meant to post up to around half a year ago and never got around to (and these are just the things I still remember):

Gencon recap
Trip to Charliecon
Steve and Christina's pig roast
Various blog whozits including a revised pain scale I love
Tons of anime reviews (Arakawa under the bridge, K-on, Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Boku-tachi wa Mada Shiranai, Ben-to, Dragon Crisis, Hen Zemi, Lyrical Nanoha, Nanoha StrikerS, Nanoha A's, and craptons more I can't even remember off the top of my head)
Midieval Times
The Bills' Holiday Party
Maddie's Birthday Party

And God only knows what else. It's funny really, I sometimes think that what I really need to blog effectively is a mind reader. I find myself often thinking what I should post to LJ (and then never do) and often ramble off the entry in my head as a monologue. If there were some way to just suck that out of my head and spit it out in bits and bytes, it would solve everything.
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The irony of too much time

T minus 6 hours and change. That's how much longer I have here at my grandmother's place. The hardwood floors back at home have all been refinished, allowed to dry, and the movers are coming back tomorrow morning to haul everything back to where it's supposed to be. That means that I can also end my refugee status and go back home to a room full of boxes. I wager there's a good chance I'll still have boxes left unpacked 3 months from now.

When I first ventured here a week ago I thought it was going to suck rocks. This was because, in addition to other things, my uncle had canceled phone service, tv service, internet service, and shut off the heat/hot water. I was able to find the boiler and get the hot water going again but never did find out where the thermostat is supposed to be. Luckily, Connie had a Verizon aircard from work she was willing to let me have but I couldn't get it to work on my laptop for the first half day. I would have just about put a gun to my head rather than stay here at that point, but luckily I was able to jury rig a fix for the problem and once I managed to get my internet back, things seemed sorta homey.

At first, I figured that I wouldn't have all that much to do while here. I managed to snag an external harddrive and fill it with some files and my laptop also has assorted odds and ends on it, but I was still going to be separated from my raid server. At first I planned to simply use the extra time to catch up on LJ. I had grand aspirations to catch up on all sorts of things and as you can see this is my first entry in a week, those plans sort of went kaput. It's funny but the more time you have, the less important actually getting around to doing something is. It's the ultimate fuel for the procrastination fire because if you have enough time, tomorrow literally never comes. It's just as well I'll never be cursed with immortality because in my hands it really would be nothing but a curse.

So what have I been doing with myself? Well, I did go shopping a few days ago and bought multiple items from the four food groups: Ice cream, chips/cookies, fried meats, and cheese. I've been making myself a waffle cone each day and basically working overtime adding lard to my ass. I really need to go on another crash diet. It's just unfortunate that the only process I can ever manage is all or nothing. I'll never understand people who can somehow manage the mythical 'lifestyle change'.

In addition to consuming a diet which would make a 8 year old ecstatic, I watched a couple anime series that I had saved up. I've mentioned it before but I have this thing where I absolutely hate to have to follow any series week to week. It used to be that even if I really wanted to see something, I would still wait until at least the season was done before snagging all the episodes for a marathon. Then, with the advent of dvd releases for tv shows, I would often wait not just until the series had finished running on tv, but until it had come out on dvd so I could snag a better version. Then there was Bluray and so now, I wait for that, meaning that it could be a year or more before I actually watch something that everyone was buzzing about a lifetime ago. This happens all the time for anime since people usually only discuss whatever's running now and something from a year ago is so outdated it might as well have never existed. I sometimes feel like what it must've been like to live in Idaho 20 years ago, or maybe Canada. As they put it in How I Met Your Mother: The 80's didn't come to Canada until 1993.

So I took the time out this past week to watch K-on and Higashi no Eden. I liked both, though for very different reasons. I'll put the reviews in another entry if I get around to them so people who don't care won't have to wade through it. I will say that I'm especially glad I watched Higashi since I'll give me something to discuss with Bill M the next time we talk about anime. I always feel like such a Type B 'tard whenever the topic of anime comes up since it seems lately the only things I've been seeing are shounen battle animes and moe-bait. Higashi wasn't fully Type A, but at least there was some depth there.